How to reset Drupal admin's password using drush?

If you would like to reset admin's password using drush, you can get one-time login link using the following drush command:
drush uli
Then, use the provided link for login and change the password.

How to find out Acquia Dev Desktop settings.php file

If you want to know where Acquia Dev Desktop save settings go to your settings.php and paste

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SSO Security Overview

The document gives a security overview of popular SSO protocols. The overview
is focusing on end-to-end security and non-repudiation of SSO parties communication.
It goes through popular SSO (and not only) protocols and briefly explains which
and how tokens used, how they signed and encrypted.

How to setup wget on Mac OS without Homebrew or MacPorts

  1. Go to and download last version of wget.
  2. Open Terminal and go to folder with wget. After it enter this line.:
    tar -xvzf wget-1.15.tar.xz
    wget-1.15.tar.xz - name of archive with wget.
  3. Go to unarchived folder:
    cd wget-1.15